Czop/Specter is a multi-disciplined, full service firm established in 1983 to provide Professional Engineering and Surveying services to municipalities, counties, state and federal agencies, and a mix of developers and commercial clients throughout Pennsylvania.  Prior to the merger of our two predecessor companies, each firm had an additional 30 years of experience.

     Today, Czop/Specter has grown to comprise an integrated team of engineers, surveyors, consultants, code specialists, construction personnel, environmental managers, and other professionals. While we are continually exploring and applying new technologies and methods, the keystone of our success remains our project approach. We integrate infrastructure early on in the planning process, and consider implementation, maintenance, and cost factors. This approach enables us to deliver lasting solutions that are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and environmentally responsible.

     The firm’s engineering and design expertise spans a full spectrum of projects including, but not limited to, planning, traffic, highways, streetscaping, parks and recreation, trails, infrastructure, downtown redevelopment, and natural gas sites. Czop/Specter’s services are organized within the following solution areas.  Individual services offered within these areas are listed on the following page.