Turning Visions into Reality Since 1983 

Developing a property today presents many challenges, whether navigating the complex approval and permitting process, designing around unique site conditions, maximizing the number of units on a site, or meeting a tight budget and timeframe. Czop/Specter provides Land Development solutions overcoming these many and diverse challenges. 

Our expertise extends to all types of site conditions, including wetlands, difficult geologic formations, and historical and other unique features. Our services encompass all project phases and include Preliminary Studies; Site Planning and Design; Zoning; Survey; Utilities and Infrastructure Design; Environmental Management; Permitting; and Construction Management. We also address Roadway Design and Traffic Improvements, Stormwater Management, Landscape Design, and Water/Wastewater Treatment. 

Our typical Land Development projects include retail, corporate, government, institutional, residential, and mixed-use properties. Our experience ranges from pharmaceutical companies, shopping centers, and golf courses, to residential subdivisions with over 700 units. 

Our award-winning designs balance economic, environmental, and sociological factors, benefiting our clients, the surrounding community, and the environment. Our innovative designs have been recognized with the HBA Pinnacle Award, the Pennsylvania Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence, and other honors. 

Our People Make the Difference 

Our team draws on decades of Land Development experience, totaling several hundred million dollars in construction costs. In addition to Engineers, Landscape Architects, Surveyors, and Transportation and Environmental Specialists, our hands-on Construction Management group works effectively with Site Contractors. Insightful and thorough pre-planning by our integrated team saves significant time and money during construction. While we are con-tinually exploring and applying new technologies and methods, the keystone of our success remains our integrated team’s “big picture” perspective. We incorporate site infrastructure tailored to unique site conditions early in the planning process, satisfying our clients with cost-effective solutions that add long-term value, while being environmentally responsible. 

Integrated Services Tailored to Your Site

 We determine the impact of new development on roads and infrastructure, and can provide any required improvements. With this unique mix of expertise, we easily navigate the approval process and obtain all necessary permits required by local, state, and federal authorities. 

Land Development Solutions 

  • Comprehensive Land Planning
  • Site Design / Grading / Earthwork
  • Subdivisions
  • Zoning
  • LEED Design
  • Boundary & Topographic Surveys
  • Construction Stakeout
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Utilities
  • Site Grading
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control
  • Stormwater Management
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Streetscaping
  • Traffic Engineering & Studies
  • Historical Assessment & Preservation
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Construction Management
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Wetlands Evaluation
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment
  • Pumping Stations

Czop/Specter is known for its exceptional service and cost-effective and long-lasting solutions that serve today’s citizens, while creating a sustainable foundation for future generations. 

We have offices in eastern and western Pennsylvania, as well as affiliates in additional locations.